Livestock Supplements

  • Durvet Maxi B 1000(11073)

    Durvet Maxi B 1000(11073)

    Durvet Maxi-B 1000 Durvet’s highest level of vitamin B12 available. For use as a supplemental source of B Complex vitamins in cattle, swine, and sheep. Contains 1000 mcg of B12 , 1.25 mg of B1, 5 mg of B6, and 2 mg of B2. Composition: Each...

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  • Clovite Conditioner(1238)

    Clovite Conditioner(1238)

    Clovite Conditioner Pfizer Clovite Conditioner is an excellent all-purpose vitamin and mineral supplement that it safe for a variety of animals, including horses, dogs, and livestock. All Farm Animals: 1 to 3 lb to each 100 lb feed. Calves:...

    $63.95 - $99.95
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  • Bovine Bluelite(1926)

    Bovine Bluelite(1926)

    QUICK REFERENCE • Easy-to-use electrolyte• Specifically designed to support by maintaining body fluids• Convenient, new liquid form can be added to water• Veterinarians, nutritionists, and producers agree that it...

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