Ft Worth Stripdown

The Ft Worth Stripdown is built on our Ranch-Roper (Will James) tree,  but we’ve made it lighter and more workable for short-backed horses by taking it down to a single skirt. It runs about 24-25” in length and weighs approximately 27 lbs, but it is a working ranch-roper.

It’s a no-nonsense working saddle. Very popular with our colt-starters because it fits a wide range of critters and they don’t have to haul a huge range saddle up-and-down all day.

It is not specifically tailored to a mutton-withered horse, but as nutrition has improved, that describes a LOT of the horses out there… and we sell a boatload of stripdowns. The number that have come back for not fitting in the last five years is negligible. It's a versatile saddle.

It has a tall pencil roll cantle that’ll have your back if a horse takes off quick.  It's comfortable for all-day ranch use or trails.