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Roping Saddles


For a limited time we have select roping saddles on sale for $695. These are not "seconds"... they're hand made saddles built in Texas on a rawhide over wood tree.

Price includes Stirrups, web latigo and off-billet, flank billets, flank cinch, and cinch connector. If stirrups are not pictured, the ones included are our standard rawhide covered roper stirrups (as pictured on many others here).

Save hundreds... buy while this deal lasts.


Roping saddles are built to endure demanding use of roping cattle. A properly designed roper allows freedom of movement for the rider and a tough tree with a strong horn on which to dally a cow or calf. There are a number of variations on roping saddles designed specifically for different competitive disciplines (team roping, calf roping) or for actual ranch work.

At Horseman's Supply we have a large collection of roping saddles, from a variety of makers as well as our in-house brand, Fort Worth Saddle Co.