Dietary supplements can have a dramatic impact on your horse's health. Horseman's Supply carries a wide range of equine supplements, targeting a range of health concerns, including gut health, immune support, mood support, coat health, hoof support, stomach issues, and more.

  • Elevate Maintenance Powder(4961)

    Elevate Maintenance Powder(4961)

    Elevate Maintenance Powder Vitamin E Supplement for Horses Supply for hoses with a highly and readily available source of natural vitamin E that quickly provides necessary nutrients. Easy, affordable way to meet a horse's essential vitamin E needs. Does...

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  • Electro-Plex(3856)


    Orx Electro-Plex 34 Gm Administer onto horse's tongue. Contains 18 amino acids, B vitamins and electrolytes to help replace essential body fluids lost during a race or workout. Horse electrolytes in a tube. One tube treats 1,000 lb of body weight...

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  • Durvet Durvite(1326)

    Durvet Durvite(1326)

    Durvite™ Durvite is a flaxseed meal based, multi-species nutritional supplement designed to enhance the overall appearance and condition of livestock, horses and pets. Give your animal a show champion appearance. The perfect nutritional...

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  • Dac Oil(1330)

    Dac Oil(1330)

    DAC Oil A Fat & Fatty Acid Supplement for all Classes of Horses for use in diets of all classes of horses for overall coat and skin health and weight gain. Features: 98% Fat Content Source of Essential Fatty Acids Blend of...

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  • Cool Calories 100(1234) Cool Calories 100(1234)

    Cool Calories 100(1234)

    Start To Finish® Cool Calories 100 Equine Dry Fat Supplement Cool Calories 100 Dry Fat supplement is an excellent source of calories for horses and contains more than two times the energy of carbohydrates. The high calorie density of Cool Calories...

    $37.95 - $89.95
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