Dietary supplements can have a dramatic impact on your horse's health. Horseman's Supply carries a wide range of equine supplements, targeting a range of health concerns, including gut health, immune support, mood support, coat health, hoof support, stomach issues, and more.

  • Liquid 747 (1364)

    Liquid 747 (1364)

    Tuttle’s Liquid 747® is a unique horse feed supplement that provides high levels of Vitamin A, D-3, E, B Vitamins, Selenium, potassium, iron, other trace minerals and amino acids for optimum development, stamina and appearance. Apple flavored...

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  • Equi Pride (4382)

    Equi Pride (4382)

    EquiPride Designed for all classes of horses, EquiPride® loose meal is a non-molasses complete vitamin & organic trace mineral supplement.  Using fermented ingredients as the delivery of our total nutrition, EquiPride provides fiber,...

    $58.95 - $85.95
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  • Equi Mast 3X Gel 30ml (11245)

    Equi Mast 3X Gel 30ml (11245)

    Equi-Mast 3X Gel Concentrate Equi-Mast 3x Gel Concentrate is designed as an equine digestive aid to assist in maintaining a healthy equine gastrointestinal system and to support inthe control of stomach ulcers.  Ideal for race horses, performance...

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  • Equi Calm Pellets (10637)

    Equi Calm Pellets (10637)

    Equi Calm Pellets 2lb Equi+Calm Show Safe Performance Pellets is a veterinary developed quieting supplement that is designed to achieve and maintain a calm, confident and comfortable horse during times of stress or anxiety. The convenient and palatable...

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  • Elevate Se (7696)

    Elevate Se (7696)

    Elevate Se Supplement for Horses Elevate Se was formulated to supply a combination of powerful antioxidants that support the scavenging and neutralizing of the damaging oxidative byproducts known as free radicals. Natural vitamin E and organic selenium...

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  • Elevate Maintenance Powder (4961)

    Elevate Maintenance Powder (4961)

    Elevate Maintenance Powder Vitamin E Supplement for Horses Supply for hoses with a highly and readily available source of natural vitamin E that quickly provides necessary nutrients. Easy, affordable way to meet a horse's essential vitamin E needs. Does...

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  • Electro-Plex (3856)

    Electro-Plex (3856)

    Orx Electro-Plex 34 Gm Administer onto horse's tongue. Contains 18 amino acids, B vitamins and electrolytes to help replace essential body fluids lost during a race or workout. Horse electrolytes in a tube. One tube treats 1,000 lb of body weight...

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