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Fort Worth Saddle Co. is our in-house brand of handmade Western saddles. Our saddles rival the quality of the big brands, but you’ll pay a fraction of the cost. And they're handmade right here in Texas.

The heavy-duty rawhide over wood (or fiberglass over wood on some barrel saddles) in every Fort Worth Saddle Co.

Interested? Check out our styles below to see which saddle is right for you.

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THE JACKSON STOCK SADDLE: Though not strictly a barrel saddle... our Jackson Stock Saddle is a favorite multi-use platform and is included here because it's become a favorite of barrel riders. Initially designed as a colt-starter, it's built with a modified Buster Welch cutter front end, a single skirt, and a high secure cantle. It is ideal for cutting, penning, barrel racing, or trail riding.

This saddle is built on our proprietary "hog bars" tree designed by our General Manager, Beverly Jackson. Horses are better fed and exercised today, and the saddles of days past just don't fit them as well. The Jackson tree is designed to accommodate today's more robust horse.

Some Jackson trees are rawhide over wood, while most are fiberglass over wood (still strong, cuts off a few lbs). The saddle is constructed of Hermann Oak leather, has 6 sets of strings, and slotted conchos. Most have a secure pencil roll cantle, all have front drop rigging. The hand tooling on the Jackson is exquisite. Each saddle is pretty much a work of art.



THE CHEYENNE: The Cheyenne is a minor variation on the Jackson. The only difference is it's been "westerned up" a bit and has a different flank cinch attachment.




THE FORT WORTH COMPETITOR BARREL RACER: This classic barrel saddle features a higher swell and a taller horn so you can really get up over your horse. This is NOT on our proprietary tree, it's on a more typical quarter-horse barrel tree. The Competitor has a single skirt in a variety of styles to keep this saddle lightweight for speed events. Barrel fenders are close contact. The deep pocket seat offers both security and comfort.

Price-wise the Fort Worth Competitor runs from under $1000 to under $2000. Price depends on the finish and trim. This is a hand-built saddle made in Texas.

This is a legacy saddle you could hand down for generations. 


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STOCK SADDLES shop-this-category.jpg

The stock saddle hearkens back to the 1890s cowboy rig. It has a lighter weight design because it is intended for cutting, penning, and general use. Note it does NOT have a roping horn. Our stock saddles feature a deep secure seat and a modified buster Welch cutter front. 
JACKSON SERIES: Our Jackson stock saddle is described in detail in the barrel section because many barrel racers have come to appreciate its capabilities... but the saddle is actually an all-round rig intended for pretty much any use other than roping. It was initially designed as a colt-starter, but works equally well in use as a penning saddle, cutter, or trail and general use platform. 




CHEYENNE SERIES: Like our Jackson series, the Cheyenne stock saddle is built on our proprietary custom-designed "hog bars" tree designed to accommodate today's wider horses. The saddle features a Buster Welch front with cutter horn. It also offers a deep pocket seat with a pencil roll cantle for security and comfort, extreme close contact cutouts, a lightweight single skirt, a plate rigged flank cinch, and drop rigging in front for a non-sway seat.

Aesthetically the saddle is a masterpiece. Any tooling is hand tooled, never machined, and the saddle features premium conchos and 6 strings.

Like the cowboy stock saddles of old, it is an ideal multi-purpose saddle and lends itself to sorting, penning, cutting, trail riding, play-day competitions, or barrel racing. It is a perfect all-around saddle for any non-roping activity.

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CHEYENNE j2 SERIES: The Cheyenne j2 is NOT on the Jackson hog-bars tree. It's on our proprietary j2 tree, which is somewhere between the Jackson tree and our standard barrel tree. It's good for a broad-backed quarterhorse that isn't quite mutton-backed enough for the Jackson tree. It has a higher pommel and a horn that's a bit more straight up. Otherwise it is decked out just like the Cheyenne stock saddle.




THE ALL-AROUND: The All-Around Saddle is visually similar to the Jackson and Cheyenne saddles, but has a roper horn. The proprietary tree is built on "hog bars" and will accommodate a mutton-backed quarterhorse. It is a lightweight saddle and is NOT intended to be a team roping saddle, but if you want to pony a horse or similar light work, you've got the right horn to do the job. As the name suggests, this saddle is the one you'll turn to for a variety of uses, from performance events to trail use.





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TEAM ROPER SERIES: Our roper is rugged and sturdy, ideal for team roping, and is built for versatility in the arena. This saddle will hold strong under stress.  Double rigging keeps the saddle in place and prevents any tipping.

CALF ROPER: The calf roper has a lower cantle and sits lower back on the horse than our team roper, so the saddle won’t get in your way when you go to dismount and tie a calf.



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THE FORT WORTH RANCHER: This classic ranch saddle is stylish yet simple. The perfect companion for the rancher or working cowboy. The tree is rawhide over wood. MOST of our Ranchers are built on the broad-shouldered modified association tree... and there are a few Arizona Ropers and some slick forks mixed in. All will have a roping horn.

This is a true working saddle designed for someone that may be in it for extended hours, so it doubles as a good trail or all-round platform.



THE FORT WORTH WADE: Rugged and stylish, this saddle is ideal for working cowboys. This saddle has an A-fork frame with no swells. Bucking rolls are available for extra security. Features include a rope strap across the front, a hobble ring in the back, and pre-turned and wrapped stirrups for comfort. Available in pencil roll or cheyenne roll. This saddle is designed wide to fit down on your horse so that when roping big stock, it stays put and won’t tip forward.



THE FORT WORTH STRIP DOWN: The ultimate practical saddle, at home colt-starting, trail riding, roping and more. This no-fuss ranch saddle is simply designed and makes a great everyday working saddle. Despite having no padding, it rivals a trail saddle for comfort.

The single round skirt keeps the saddle lightweight for cowboys who need to saddle lots of colts or working horses all day long. The shorter length accommodates horses of long or short length backs. The seat is deep and secure, with a tall pencil roll cantle that'll keep you in the front seat if your mount takes off quickly, and a beefy pommel that will accommodate fast stops.





THE RANCH CUTTER: A superb working saddle, our ranch cutter can be used in the pen to sort while also being strong enough to rope calves. This saddle has a strong tree, and the horn is designed so that you can dally off if you need to rope calves.




THE PRO CUTTER: Our competition-ready cutter is beautifully designed so you’ll look and perform at your best. It has a horn designed for your hand. Stirrups are hung forward so you’ll be secure while working the pen. The seat permits maximum contact with your horse so that you can sit the stop.





THE FORT WORTH TRAIL & PLEASURE SADDLE: Our trail saddle combines classic western looks with a comfortable ride. Lightweight and padded, this saddle will suit both you and your mount for long hours on the trail. Tree is rawhide over wood.


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THE PRO REINER: Our reining saddle is designed for maximum contact with your horse for clear communication of cues. It features a long, low seat that is cushioned for comfort during slides. Lightweight fenders are mounted for maximum contact with the horse’s sides. The lower horn stays out of the way of your reining hand.




THE MOUNTED SHOOTER: A competition saddle specially built for competing in Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association events, which means fast starts, quick turns, and abrupt stops. The saddle needs to be responsive to cues, keep a rider secure, and the horn needs to be out of the way for gun changes. 





Trophy saddles come standard with fenders laser engraved. Our in-house graphic designer will work with you to make sure that your riding club or organization logo looks amazing on your award saddles. 

Any saddle can be made into a trophy. We can also add engraving to the fenders of a saddle you already own. For more information on trophy saddles or other custom tack, check out our trophy and custom page.



No. Horseman's Supply made a business decision that in order to be able to maintain both our easy return policy and favorable pricing… build-to-order does not fit our business model. We have hundreds of our Fort Worth Saddle Co saddles in stock to help you find what you need and get it at a great value.



Fort Worth Saddle Co. saddles aren't imports. The craftsmanship compares favorably with much more expensive saddles sold elsewhere. Our saddles are 100% handmade right here in Texas—guaranteed.

For quality saddles at competitive prices, shop Fort Worth Saddle Co.—only at Horseman's Supply.