Ulcer Management

  • Equi Mast 3X Gel 30ml(11245)

    Equi Mast 3X Gel 30ml(11245)

    Equi-Mast 3X Gel Concentrate Equi-Mast 3x Gel Concentrate is designed as an equine digestive aid to assist in maintaining a healthy equine gastrointestinal system and to support inthe control of stomach ulcers.  Ideal for race horses, performance...

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  • UlcerGard Oral Paste(4738)

    UlcerGard Oral Paste(4738)

    UlcerGard Paste (Omeprazole) ULCERGARD is the only medicine that's approved by the FDA to prevent equine stomach ulcers. For the prevention of gastric ulcers in horses Once-a-Day Dosing with a well-accepted paste NADA 141-227, Approved by FDA ACTIVE...

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